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TROOP 1035
2001 National Jamboree Web Site

July 18-July 23 Tour of Washington, DC
July 23-August 1 Jamboree @ Fort A.P. Hill, VA

Patch Trading     Friendship Gift

Troop 1035 Scouts and adult leaders will be trading patches at the Jamboree only.

Hawkeye Area Council & Jamboree Patches

HAC Jamboree Contingent Shoulder Patch-Limited Edition
HAC Jamboree Contingent Shoulder Patch
Limited Edition for Troop Members Only

HAC Jamboree Contingent Shoulder Patch
HAC Jamboree Contingent Shoulder Patch
Trading Patch

HAC Jamboree OA Lodge Flap
HAC Jamboree OA Lodge Flap

HAC Jamboree Pocket Patch
HAC Jamboree Pocket Patch

HAC Jamboree Contingent Neckerchief
HAC Jamboree Contingent Neckerchief

T1035 Jamboree Numeral Patch
Troop 1035 Jamboree Numeral Patch

Youth Patch
Youth Patch

Adult Patch
Adult Patch

Subcamp 10 Emblem
Subcamp 10 Emblem
Harvey L. Price served as Chief Scout
Executive from 1976-1979.

Central Region Emblem
Central Region Emblem

Scouts will receive a maximum of 3 Limited Edition HAC Jamboree Shoulder Patches for Troop Members. You may purchase as many Jamboree Shoulder Patches (Trading Patches) as you'd like.

Troop 1035 will be handing out bookmarks which have a poem entitled "IOWA" for Scouts from other places to know a little what Iowa is like. The poem was written by Don Whattoff of Ames, Iowa. Mr. Whattoff was a Scout back in the 30's and has given his permission for this poem to be used by the Scouts in T1035 at the Jamboree. You can view the poem here.

Patch Trading

Patch trading at a Jamboree is very common and most everyone trades patches. It makes for a lot of fun for scouts and adult leaders to collect other council jamboree patches. How many patches you elect to bring for trading is totally up to you. Some Scouts don't take any to trade, where others will take 100's to trade. The Captain Crunch patches were great trading items at the last Jamboree and are expected to be a hot item again this Jamboree. We are requesting that all patch trading take place at the Jamboree and not in Washington, DC.

Council patches are the most common item, but people also trade OA flaps, hats, t-shirts, pins, neckerchiefs and most any other item from another country, including entire uniforms.

Patch trading is a great way to strike up conversations and meet new scouts from all around and to learn about where they live.

A National Policy about trading is that Scouts should trade only with other Scouts, and adults should trade only with other adults. Scouts should NOT trade with adults.

Some things that may help you in patch trading at the jamboree are as follows:

    The most common trade items are Jamboree Shoulder Patches,
    followed by OA Lodge Flaps and pins, so this may be give
    you a guideline as you are purchasing extra items for trading.

    A good rule to follow when trading patches is to trade like
    for like, for example a Jamboree Shoulder Patch (JSP) for a
    Jamboree Shoulder Patch (JSP) or a pin for a pin.

    Be careful of boys/adults who try to tell you their patch is hard
    to find or that their council made just a very few of the patch.
    It's very possible he's trying to get you to trade his
    item for more than one of yours. Don't do it because many of
    the time these are untruths and there are others ready to trade
    with you for the same patch one-on-one.

The most important thing is to have a lot of fun with patch trading and collect from many different councils.


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