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You have 3-5 seconds to communicate who you are, what you do and what benefits you offer your prospective clients.

Your graphics should:-

Create interest

Focus attention

Tell visitors about your products or services.

Project the right image

Use a designer who understands your products/services. Understand what image you want to project:-




The typeface, artwork, colour, etc. will be dictated by your company's image.

Design for the audience

Design for your target audience. Focus on customer benefits and show how your company differs from the competition. Design to stimulate imagination beyond the conventional. Convey technical information using good design principles and carefully planned graphics.

Use different types of graphics

There is a vast range of graphic solutions and materials to convey your message:-

Front and back lit

Mural banners

Floor graphics

Detachable signage, etc.

Have an integrated approach

Plan to use your graphics on your literature for a themed, integrated use. Use colour rather than black and white.

Use photographs instead of illustrations or other artwork

Photographs attract the eye first, are more believable and better remembered. When using illustrations and other line art they should be rendered in an easy to understand style. Tell a story with your pictorial element.

Special effects

Pull in your audience with graphics coupled with other effects:-

Movement attracts attention

Plasma screens

LED message signs

3D imaging


Use simple language. Keep sentences short as too much text will not be read. Proof read carefully. Asking an impartial third party to check is a good way of catching errors.

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