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Ask yourself the following questions:-

Who do you want to reach at the show?

What do you want to happen?

Identify your shows

Who is your target market?

Which shows do they attend?

Match your objectives

Selecting the right show means matching your exhibiting objectives with the right target audience, the right timing to meet buyers' purchasing patterns and the ability to show your products and services.

Do your homework

Gather as much information about the show as you can, i.e. statistics/demographics and review lists of previous exhibitions. Verify the information, speak to past exhibitors and, if possible, attendees. How much advertising/publicity about the show do you see?

Visit the show

If possible, visit the show before you exhibit. Check on supporting events or seminars around the show.

Consider location

About 50% of exhibition attendees come from within a 200 mile radius so think about your target audience.


What other events are on at the same time and will they have an impact on attendance?

Marketing opportunities

Special show promotions - offer your services as a speaker in educational type seminars.

Choosing your space

This is never an easy one. Your budget will decide where you will go but as a rule avoid low ceilings/obstructing columns/dead-end aisles/loading and freight doors/poorly-lit areas. Try to aim for entrances/seminar areas/rest-rooms and feeding areas/escalators.

Think about your competitors and industry leaders. Do you want to be close to them?



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