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Setting goals that are measurable

Know what you want from the show and set measurable and realistic goals. Write them down and discuss them with your colleagues. Decide what you want and then set up a system to measure your results.

How can the show strengthen your current marketing strategy?

Do you want to:-

· Increase products/services in existing markets?

· Introduce new products/services into existing markets?

· Introduce current products/services into new markets?

· Introduce new products/services into new markets?

A realistic budget

To establish a realistic budget you will need to consider the following:-

· The exhibition space

· The display

· Show services (shipping, set-up and dismantle)

· Pre-show, at show and post-show advertising.

· Promotions and special events.

· Personal expenses (travel, accommodation, daily expenses and time)

Choosing the correct display

· Choose a display that portrays the right image.

· Something that is flexible, versatile and fits your budget.

· Can it be expanded on in the future?

Choose a theme or message

It is important to keep a consistent theme during the development of your promotional plan, advertising and media relations. This helps to reinforce your message and enables your prospective clients to have a better recall of who you are.

Enhance your message with graphics

The use of graphics can say a lot about you and your company, they help to focus and attract attention. You have just 3-5 seconds to communicate who you are, what you do and how customers can benefit. Graphics are usually the first impression an attendee has of an exhibitor so it is important to make the “right” statement. Large graphics do usually work.

Staffing your stand

Having the right staff on your stand is one of the most crucial aspects. The people you choose represent your business and they have the responsibility to make or break a future relationship. Invest time in training so that the staff know how best to represent your company, services and products. This will make their job easier and will improve your results.


By planning well in advance you should be able to save money. Choose a carrier that is used to dealing with exhibitions. Always communicate both verbally and in writing.

Following-up leads

Before you go to a show work out how to respond. This should be within 3-5 days after the show. If possible e-mail your leads back to your office and have staff ready to send the required information. This always impresses potential clients when they arrive back to the workplace the day after the show and find the details they requested waiting for them.


You should re-evaluate the reasons why you select a show. Make sure they continue to attract your target audience and get results.

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