Lesson Plan 4 (Week 3 – Tuesday)


Students will be exposed to some aspects of Senegalese culture through 1st part of documentary, “Djabote”, on West African Drumming, and through student presentation. They will demonstrate what they understood and discuss their feelings and thoughts through writing.


Movie Djabote . Notes and handouts on Doudou N'Diaye Rose, Kirsten Marshall and Changing Gender Roles for Women in Senegal .


This whole class will be mostly about listening, watching and taking notes. Make sure to help keep students focused (especially ones with attention or behavior issues) by watching them and maybe walking around class. Also make sure students with hearing problems or attention issues are up front.


  1. Have students write in journal about what they did last night after school while students who are giving presentation set up and I take attendance. (2-4 minutes)

  2. Students do PowerPoint presentation on Dakar, Senegal. (10-12 minutes)

  3. Students watch 1st Part of “Djaboute” (26-30 minutes depending on previous activities)

  4. Handouts on Changing Gender Roles for Women in Senegal . given to students and brief talk by teacher (2-3 minutes)

  5. Students start free-write on movie and “roles for women” aspect. (5 minutes)

Follow-up activity

Students will have to continue free-write and turn it in at end of next lesson.

Literacy aspect

Listening; watching; taking notes; free-write.


This lesson might have too much passive participation on the part of the students and they may get restless if they’re not interested in the subject matter. I may have to split up activities into two different lessons. On the other hand, it may be a nice break for them if they are interested.

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