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Lesson Plan 3 (Week 3 – Friday)


Students will demonstrate audio comprehension of language through song, and pronunciation through singing or reading out loud.


Video of Edith Piaf singing “La Vie en Rose”; video of Grace Jones singing “La Vie en Rose”; CD recordings of each, singing “La Vie en Rose”; overhead transparency of lyrics with blanked-out words and hard copies of it for students; French-English dictionaries; Power Point Pres. with images of popular icons.


Make sure students with attention and/or hearing issues sit close to TV and CD player. Read or sing along with students who have reading difficulties.


  1. Have students write in journal what they’re going to do this weekend while I take attendance. (2-3 minutes)
  2. Anticipatory set: Review colors with PowerPoint presentation: point to parts of icons’ clothing and ask students to say out loud what color things are. (3 minutes)
  3. Watch video of Edith Piaf singing. (4 minutes)
  4. Hand out lyrics with blanked-out words and put overhead transparency of the same. Play CD of song twice and have them start working in groups on filling in the blanks while listening. (10 minutes)
  5. Play Grace Jones video. (6 minutes)
  6. Play Grace Jones CD once and have them continue filling the blanks. (7 minutes)
  7. Have them sing or read out loud in turns what they came up with, and have students come up to write in blanks on overhead. (12 minutes)
  8. Students get into groups and start written translation of song with help of dictionary and teacher. (5-6 minutes)

    Follow-up activity

    As assignment, have students finish translation of song. Tell them to go to The HipHop Circuit click on Resources, then Student Tools. In a href=""> , they’ll find a link to yourdictionary.comwhere they’ll find many links to bilingual dictionaries. Also, for help with the lyrics of “La Vie en Rose”, they can go to Grace Jones - La Vie en Rose where they can scroll down and find song in list and click on “lyrics”, and Edith Piaf - La Vie en Rose. Hint: if they check the Grace Jones site, they’ll find it very helpful for their translation assignment.

    Literacy aspect

    Audio comprehension; listening/concentration skills; pronunciation/speaking skills; singing; reading text; translating.


    Students might be apprehensive about singing because it’ll be uncool, so as the teacher, I might walk around and sing with them, act a bit goofy to make them feel less self-conscious.

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