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French Calendar







Week 1

Objective: Groups of students will choose a city to work on for their presentations

Topic: Intro to French speaking nations

Literacy aspect: With help of map of the world on overhead showing Fr.speaking nations highlighted and with list of countries & cities, fill in copy of blank map.

+Journal entry

O: Students will demonstrate capacity to give and understand directions.

Students will start thinking of activity for Poetry Slam

T: Finding your way in the city

L: Draw from list of vocabulary related to city map and read map.

Resources for Poetry Slam

+ Journal entry


Computer Lab

O: Work on presentations and/or Poetry Slam

T: French-speaking cities; French poetry, hip-hop, drama, etc.

L: Gather & organize material from websites in French & English

O: Students will demonstrate use of formal communication & vocab. related to shopping

T: Clothes and Food Shopping

L: Use new vocab. provided to role-play in groups as shoppers and shopkeepers then write little story about someone preparing for a party they’re giving (have to shop for outfit & food)

+ Journal entry

O: Students will demonstrate how to order food/state wants & needs with appropriate verb tenses, using the formal and informal

T: Dining out with friends

L: PowerPoint Pres. with pictures & vocab. related to restaurant scenario.

Fake food, silverware, cups and plates to play with in groups (role-playing).

Look up words in dictionary.

+Journal entry

Week 2

O: Students will describe and compare people they know as well as different city dwellings/rooms in home

T: Neighbors, Friends & Family

L: Draw home and people; put labels with new vocab. qualifying them.

+Journal entry

O: Students will recognize & describe different noises and different objects/buildings

T: Sounds & sights of the city

L: With new vocab., listen to tape of sounds-identify & describe them; look at pictures on Power Point then identify & describe them.

+Journal entry

Computer Lab

O: Work on presentations and/or Poetry Slam

T: French-speaking cities; French poetry, hip-hop, drama, etc.

L: Gather & organize material from websites in French & English

O: Students will demonstrate use of future tense by imagining what they’ll do when they go to a city of their choice

T: Visiting a city

L: Design a travel brochure and map out travel plans in the future.

+Journal entry

O: Students will demonstrate oral comprehension of songs and pronunciation through singing

T: La Vie en Rose/ Edith Piaf & Grace Jones versions

L: Fill in the blanks in written text of song and translate song into English.

+ Journal entry


Week 3

O: Students will demonstrate proper use of different past tenses orally and in writing.

Student presentations begin.

T: Your weekend. Your last holiday.

L: In literary text written in the present, identify verbs and change them to past.

Take notes on Presentation I (Paris, France)

+ Journal entry

O: Students will be exposed to aspects of Senegalese culture through 1st part of documentary “Djabote” & student presentation

T: Senegal & West African Drumming

L: Free-write on documentary

Take notes on Presentation II (Dakar, Senegal)

+ Journal entry

O: Students will finish watching documentary, watch presentation on Abidjan, and be exposed to major trends in Fr. Colonialism

T: Aspects of French colonialism

L: Free-write and summary of documentary.

Take notes on Presentation III (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

+ Journal entry

O: Students will demonstrate translating skills from English to French and vice versa through their chosen texts of spoken word, hip-hop, poetry, drama.

T: Cities in different literature genres.

L: Use of bilingual dictionary.

Takes notes on Presentation IV (Casablanca, Morocco)

+ Journal entry

O: Students will demonstrate understanding of newspaper articles form different cities

T: News in French. Current politics in different countries

L: Write summaries and opinions on articles read.

Take notes on Presentation V (Fort-de-France, Martinique)

+ Journal entry

Week 4

O: Students will demonstrate further knowledge of future tense, and be introduced to subjunctive and conditional tenses through writing and talking about their future

T: Career

L: With help handouts on new verb tenses with list of regular and irregular verbs, write short essay on chosen career.

Take notes on Presentation VI (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

+Journal entry

O: Students will continue practice of tenses from previous day through oral and written exercises.

They will get together in groups in preparation for Poetry Slam.

T: Wish lists: “If I had a million dollars”; “If I were president”, etc.

L: Write sentences using tenses. Fill in the blanks exercises. Answer teacher questions verbally.

Take notes on Presentation VII (Hanoi, Vietnam)

+ Journal entry


O: Students will prepare for Poetry Slam with help from teacher.

T: Rehearsal

L: Proofreading texts for performances; pronunciation of texts.

Handouts from teacher with brief info on some cities that were not covered by student presentations.

+ Journal entry


Poetry Slam



Written test on performances & presentations + oral discussion on what they learned, liked and didn’t like.

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