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French Overview

In the French unit, the lessons will evolve around different cities from different French-speaking countries. During the course of the four-week unit, students will learn a little bit about different cities through the teacher and through PowerPoint presentations done by students in class. The presentations will be done in groups of four and will consist of a brief history of the city and how the French language came about there, a description of its population, how it compares to the city they are living in, and a brief bio of an artist (musician, singer, poet, writer, painter, filmmaker, etc.) of their choice whose work relates to the city in some way. Class will take place in the computer lab twice before the presentations begin so as to help students prepare for them. Other topics relating to urban living will be explored. Over the course of the four weeks, students will be introduced to a wide range of vocabulary relevant to the topics studied and will be able to use the different verb tenses acquired so far in a variety of contexts. The teacher will also be available to help students find resources to prepare for their work in the culminating activity.

French Calendar

French Final Assessment

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