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They say that beauty is only skin deep, but who are "they" anyway? Surely not
someone fighting with weight issues. For those of us who suffer from obesity,
it's much harder to hear and believe those words, or even to see deep down and find
that "inner beauty". And when you have health problems as a result of your
obesity then it's just that much harder to believe there's any beauty in you at all.

Hi! We're Lori & Emily, close friends who met by pure chance through's Q&A posting board. We emailed each other frequently and
discovered we had a lot in common. We decided to make a joint website journaling
our experiences with WLS.

On this website you will read about our individual struggles with morbid obesity.
You will see some pictures, hopefully be able to gain additional information
about WLS but mostly be able to follow our lives as we shed those ungreatful
pounds and reveal that Beauty Within!

After reading through our site, we hope at least we haven't bored you or put
you to sleep. If we've touched your hearts or even put a smile on your faces, well
then that will be fine for us!! And if you've learned anything extra from the
informationwe've included that that's an extra bonus!

We both love meeting new people and making new friends, so don't hesitate
to e-mail us. And before you leave, please sign our guestbook! Thanks!

And so the Journey Begins.........

See your goal
Understand the obstacles
Clear your mind of doubt
Create a positive image
Embrace the challenge
Stay on track
Show the world that you can

(Feel free to email us to share your
feelings or concerns, or just for anything at all!
We love email and will respond back!)

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