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Captain Clay's Thoughts Page

This page is dedicated to displaying my many thoughts on the game of paintball, and to serve as a sort of answers-to-questions-nobody-asked type thing. You'll see.

Below is listed a bunch of topics on which I wish to express my opinion. Click the link to be thoroughly engrossed in a series of spellbinding yarns and hardly-made-points.

Thoughts on:

The Anti-Paintball Crowd
The Tippmann Flatline Barrel
Camouflage Clothing in Public
Paintball Snipers
Chest Protectors
Proper Use of Bunkers/Forts
Radio Equiptment on the Field
Communicating On the Field
Rifled Barrels
The Ramrod Barrel
Paintball Towers
Two-Piece Barrels
Pump Gunning