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Just Wanted to say HEY 2 some of my friends...


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TO MY FANFREAKINTABULOUS ROMMIES: I don't know what I would do w/o u guys! U GUYS ARE THE BEST EVER!! We have too much fun, but ya know its all fun in E-8! Holla! When u party like E-8 does, 3 days in a row is ENOUGH!! where should I start with our insane list of inside jokes...O yea...

**Table dancing, Karaoke nights, Where's Laura? Warm Milk- we're not kitty cats, STARBUCKS, "Special" Dice- we'll just stop there! Hey- u can come over, and have anything u want except for our food! haha. We have enough Ramen noodles to last through a war. It's against my tradition, POW WOWS, Random boys on our couch, Tang, Lemonade, and Vanilla Coke; we have to go get the fork back, Party in the parking lot. Haha- we def. can't fit ppl in the closet! I don't remember takin this picture!?! Where was I? Math Guy- yay for finally finding out his name, oh and how could I forget- NAKED TWISTER! What!?! Haha., SpeTed Hump, A guy in every room, Shopping, Bugs, Fun Times, Pre-cal, Getting Lo, "Im teaching u guys a lesson", Banging on the ceiling, Jesse, Laura, Judy...Come fix the TV!!, C,J, L, G, Ohh Karamel!, It's just VANILLA COKE...I promise, I have to pee, Cassandra live here?- I think I know who my roommates are!?!, U left me!, Rubber Ducky, Guys, guys, and more guys, Tang, Lemonade, Vanilla Coke, Chuck-E-Cheese, Hey- what happened to my food?, Little balls, blankets, Laura's birthday party, The guys of E-8!, Applebee's, "It's a surprise", Speed Bump, E-8 minus one, Late Night walks, Random runs. Hey...lets go all the way over there just to write on the board! Haha...just to name a few!! IXU!!

Laura: HHHEEEYYYY!! I'm so glad that u are here w/ me going through all of our crazy times together...haha! I don't think I could survive w/o u being @ college w/ me!! There are not enough words to explain what I would be like without u here w/ me!! I'm so glad that art is fun, and math is great....FUN TIMES!! Right, right, right, right. .5, 2.10, No worries, one day u will find an amazing guy- u def. deserve it...u just gotta realize that there will always be jerks...I'm just sorry that u have had to deal w/ them. Thank you for being there! U are amazing, I LOVE U!

Jessi: U are so awesome. I have seriously had so much fun with u, and I am so glad that u are my roomie!! Looks like we might have actually found some awesome guys. haha. Blankets, and Litttle Balls! YAY. U ARE THE BEST!! I will be sure to watch out for the bed next time- cuz I would hate to get another bruise! I LOVE YA MUCHAS! Thanks for being there for me when I needed a pick me up!!

Brownie Blast Philosophy: If life is getting kinda need to stress...A Brownie Blast will make it better...especially when you have AMAZING friends to share it with...Sweet Home Alabama! out for those red lights! JENEBKISS

Lauren:I don't know what I would do without you here in college with me! haha GOOD TIMES! U ARE SUPER NEAT- even though u like to take over my computer, and pretend to be me. Oh and I would just like to say that tellin me that ur TV just fell on u isn't funny in any way! I STILL LOVE YA THOUGH!!CHARLIES ANGELS!! U are the noisest neighbors EVER! haha jk!

EM: We have been though a buttload, and I swear that u secretly hate me! I'm sorry if my loud music keeps u up, just bang on the floor next time it bothers ya! HAHA JK! I LOVE U! You are always there for me when I need ya, and I'm internally grateful! CHARLIES ANGELS!!! U are the noisest neighbors EVER! haha JK!

C:Despite all of ur crazy stories, I still gotta love ya...even though I will probably never believe another one of ur stories ever again!

Andrea: MY BUDDY! I never knew having someone so much like me would be so much fun! LOVE U! EVEN THOUGH I NEVER CYA CUZ UR IN FREAKIN COURTYARD 2....I am so glad that u are here with me! Hey for real seriously lets move to Orlando and live next to O-town! haha!

RACHEL/VERONICA/JEN:My M'ville gang!! I miss u guys!! *sniff sniff* I can't wait until I see u guys! U are always welcome to come down here!! BE CAREFUL, BE SAFE, and know that I'm thinkin of u guys all the time!! I'm here for ya always- U KNOW THAT!!

LANDON:Ahh! The chicken dance *clap clap clap clap*, how is it that movies are perfectly timed, always have a happy ending, and never depict real life? - Haha...but yet we still watch them! I LOVE UR day I think I am gonna steal it!-JK! JOKE! Don't even think about rolling up the windows, and hey be careful u might lock someone in the car, Jammin in the car, Vibrating tongue ring?, So uh... whatever, I JUST LOVE MESSIN AROUND W/ YA, There is not enough I can say about u to sum up everything, but YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Dyn: Concerts, Water fights, PROBLEMS, lots of fun, FLORIDA, BILOXI, RAFT RIDE, UR CIVIC...or I guess I should say my civic...haha , STALKERS IN PC, DAYTONA, Fanta, SMOKING is bad for u!, Christmas, Dodge, PINK PHONE!, James...Howie D. Look a like? haha..., SHAVING CREAM...nothing hurts quite as much as shaving cream in your EYE!!! worries we will get them back, golf lessons, pork on a stic, pool parties...Thanks for always being there...your awesome...ohh and if I could possibly put 16 years of all the stuff that we have done together on here...u bet I would...but I don't have that much time on my hands! Love ya!...Just remember: We had fun, walked around, and laughed A LOT! ......LET'S GO BOWLING!


MARC: For not being Vin Diesal...I guess that you are a pretty cool guy. :) Whipped cream!

MARQUISE: U are the greatest husband I have ever had, considering I'm Katherine Zeta Jones, and u are Michael Douglas! I MISS YOU SO MUCH and u always know how to make me feel great, and put a smile on my face!! Seriously, everyone should have someone like u in their life! Hey our place is always open to u!!

Todd: Thanks for always being have helped me through the good, the bad, and the ugly...U have helped me bak in to reality. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!

Courtney: Data?? U are awesome!! I loved my valentine surprise!

Angelo: THANKS FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME LAUGH! You are great! Brad:C'MON MAN...NO more gettin in trouble by the po-po's! Even though u think I hate u, I really don't. Ok well maybe sometimes.Ha- YEA RIGHT! I MISS U!


BBBRRRAADDDLLLEEEYYY: My third derivative exception! Don't get in to much trouble @ Southern!! I MISS UR HUGS!!

Jeff: HOTT JEFF, PRE-CAL-right, right, right, right!, LUCY LIU- u started a freakin epidemic, everyone is callin me that now...haha but I'm not really complaning!....CHILLING.

Stewart/Matt: What can I say about u 2?!? Get back to me. Thanks for lettin me wash my clothes in ur aprt. I SWEAR we are not on crack, we just like to randomly show up. haha

My Shiloh Homes: I REALLY MISS SHILOH- no wait I DON'T, but I do miss all of u guys!!! PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH!!!

Josh: Ur laundry is fun to wash, especially when its ur whole FREAKIN WARDROBE!! Haha...u kno it wouldn't hurt to do laundry every once in a while...cuz going out and shopping because u have no more clean clothes is not an excuse...LOL!

QUICK SHOUTOUTS: A-8, 9, 5, 3, 12, 1. R-5, W-8, C-4, C-2, E-10 (how could I forget), and there are probably some more but I don't remember right now!