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1)Going to WH @ 3:30 in the AM is the best!

2)Running in to beds HURT!!

3)You can't hide someone in the water heater closet! Shh!!

4)U can't wash dishes w/ HAND SOAP!

5)You have to be 18 to go to Chuck-E-Cheese- U will get carded! Trust me!! Hmm...u might want to think twice about going to have some pizza with your friends!

6)Stay away from army men! Just to be safe!!

7)Don't eat the baked potatoes

8)Tellin someone that your TV just fell on you ISN'T FUNNY in any way!

9)Don't get use the fact that u can walk in to any room- REMEMBER TO BE NICE, and KNOCK! haha.

10)If u are going to surprise one of ur friends w/ a cake, be sure u kno where its at, @ all times b/c if u don't then u will be running around the courtyard wondering where the crap ur cake went!?!

11)Make sure u keep track of all ur silverware...u might lose a fork or two, and then end up getting it back during ART class. Haha!

12)Just b/c u do ur homework and its easy, that doesn't mean the test is going to be the same way!

13)Just because the door to your room shuts behind u, doesn't mean that other ppl's do.

14)Tongue Rings are fun! :-) SHOPPING FOR THEM IS GREAT 2!!!

15)Turn slowly while drivin in the rain

16)Once on the Shiloh grapevine, always on the Shiloh grapevine

17)TIME changes people

18)Think twice about what Caroline says to u!!

19)Stayin up til 3 in the AM on a school nite is not such a hot idea!

20) When u lose ur ID look down ur shirt, or run around the courtyard lookin for it all night

21)Don't u think that ur Algebra teacher should know what he is talking about!?! When doing a problem, u can't give up, but our teacher did, NICE HUH! thats the quality education u receive when u go to CSU.

22) Don't listen to ur Algebra teacher, u will have better learnin it on ur own...b/c u can't even understand what the hell is talkin about! Is it really that hard to copy the examples of the freakin book!?!

23) LOCK THE DOOR cuz an RA could come steal ur stuff...

24) My computer is on some serious drugs- it doesn't like to work all the time...and It makes me really sad

25) People use other people- its the freakin circle of life.

26) Don't run in the poles in the lunch room- it will leave a nice dent in ur head!

27) Don't try to learn all of the names of the Basketball Players in one night...u will get all confused.

28) Even if u have 8 layers of clothes on u can still lose terribly @ Strip Poker.

29) DANCING for 3 hours straight will make u suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrom.

30) Art is fun, Math is great! (Right, Right)

31) The boys in A building are tons of fun to hang out with! Big holla to A-8, A-3, A-12, A-9, A-5, A-1

32) Don't run down the stairs to get away from a bug, u might fall down the stairs

33) When going 2 the mall PULL the doors...don't push- FYE...AHA!

34) If u are ever @ Olive Garden, and ur table is ready, and ur little thing starts to vibrate and light up don't wait for the hostess go up to the lamp post! DUH! HELLO!?!

35) If u are ever upset for any reason, any reason at all...Go for a drive, and get some Starbucks. It won't erase ur problem, but u will feel much better!!! YUM- CARAMEL MACCHIATTO!

36) When u are thinkin about someone call them, and tell them will make them feel very special! U never know how much u could make someones day that much better by just pickin up the phone even if it is just to see what they are up 2.

37) Beware of Sex Dice! Well I should acutally say be very cautious when u are playing...u could get urself in a situation u don't want to be in.

38) Spending $40 on groceries in 2 days is not exactly the most economical decision, but it sure does taste good when u cook it all! YUM! Sorry for all of those who missed Jessi's amazible Alfredo sauce!

39) KOOL-AID is the BEST!

40) Late night walks, afternoon walks-WALKS in general are just awesome! U are workin out, and venting what u are feeling @ all the same time!

41) Think again about saything that u will do someones laundry before seeing how much laundry they acutally have...(JK-JOSH!! JK! Hey, I'm here to do ur laundry whenever!)

42) DO YOUR LAUNDRY every once in a while, that or get someone to do them...cuz if not u will find urself @ the mall shopping until u drop...b/c u were TOO FREAKIN LAZY TO DO UR STUPID LAUNDRY!

43) RICE AND CHICKEN is like an orgasm in ur mouth! YUM!

44) FRAPPACHINO'S IN THE AM ARE AMAZING!!! I can't say how many times it has gotten me going for the day!! I am a freakin caffine addict!



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