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HEY HEY! I just remembered that I had website from back in the dizay, and I am gonna attempt to make this as pimp tight as my subprofile, but it probably won't work too well. Haha owell! That's what I get for tryin to be professional, and use was an attempt!

I still have a lot of work to on this, so right now it's crap, SORRY! U will just have to deal with it. I seriously haven't updated my website IN SO LONG, so I don't really remember all of the HTML's, and stuff. But u'll get over it!

For me to sum up Columbus up in one word, well lets see I couldn't...cuz well it's Columbus...all there really is to do is go shopping @ the mall, and drink Kool-Aid. It's a just a fun time across the board. I LOVE CSU!!! haha...

I just wanted to say HEY to some of my friends. Hope u enjoy! But yeah, thanks for visiting, and please sign my guestbook! I will love ya forever!!

" One of the worst things in life is the realization that someone is not as great as you once thought they were"...and do I know this from personal experiance...haha

"Don't Let Anyone Make you think that you don't deserve what you really want"


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