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Xbox Live Review

By Rin4ku

XBOX LIVE IMHO (In My Honest Opinion) has to be one of the best online services out there. The package comes with 2 good demos (Wacked and MotoGP_Online), the headset and a 1 year subscription all for 50 dollars! and in a lot of peoples eyes, that's worth it right there..

The XBOX LIVE services are great, as soon as you get it, it'll update your XBOX Dashboard and then it'll ask you to create a gamertag. Now a gamertag can set you wonders, your "Gamertag" will be your ID or known name from now on in the XBOX Internet world, the only sucky part is that you can't change it so once its made, your stuck with it till you can use another 50 dollars to create a new and better account/name! The Pluses of having a gamertag is that when you make a friend, you can add him to your friends list, which holds the gamertags. Now when you switch games (I.E. Your in MechAssult while your friend plays Wacked), you can see if your friends still online or vice versa, and you can invite him to play one of your games from another game!!! It may sound weird but the XBL services will ask you to switch games and you'll simply join you friends game pretty quick!

One of the greatest features of them all is the Voice commutation/the headsets that it comes with. It makes it so that you can play without any keyboard interruption (I know those guilty people who used to play PSO that have to type on the keyboard and pick up the controller fast ;) ). You can talk away and blast away your opponent, and keep up the trash talking (Your defense is offensive).

It also has a great system to block those annoying people that yell over the headset when they die, you simply go to options and just mute him and you'll never hear their screeching voice again!!

Later in the days, they will then add downloadable features and patches to make games better... thanks to the Xbox hard drive!!!  No more scrambling for Booster Discs over 4 different magazines as you can now just go online and download them into your modem!!! There will be ton of content from new levels, new characters, new mechs, new rosters, new weapons and a ton more!


One of the greatest internet services out there.. Downfalls include Being unable to change your name.. But all the ups go to everything else such as voice communication and downloadable content!!




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