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Video Game Links

Gamers' Mafia - An excellent web community and one of our great affiliates!  With a very nice message board, a slew of great members, The Gamers' Mafia covers all game systems, as well as anime, and other cool stuff.  Be sure to register there today!

N1 Video Games - A fantastic web community complete with an extensive forum discussing nearly every video game system ever made, as well as life the universe and everything. 

Rin4ku's Site - GameAlliance regular Rin4ku's personal webpage.  Contains all things Rin4ku - anime, games, personal info, and even fan fiction.

Nkode - A great site for fan made "music videos".  By taking a song, and setting it to clips from movies, anime, and especially video games, they make some seriously great videos.

Animal Crossing Mania - An online community dedicated to the GameCube game Animal Crossing.  Share stories and adventures from the game with other players, and even trade your items!

Down on the Farm - Harvest Moon mini-shrine.  Detailed information about every game in the Harvest Moon series complete with reviews, and box art!

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