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Pixel: the smallest element of an image that can be individually processed in a video display system.

Junction: an act of joining or the state of being joined.

 Pixel Junction: created by Steven Lett (Foxx), is an original comic strip that combines carefully placed screen shots with Foxx’s unique brand of humor. This genre of “screen shot” comedy has been noticing a growth in popularity across the Internet. Pixel Junction dares to feature a variety of games, with a different title in every comic. The future of Pixel Junction is uncertain, but it plans to be a weekly feature on GameAlliance. Enjoy…

    #1 - Gobliiins

    #2 - Sam and Max

    #3 - Chrono Trigger







By: Angel Punk

Angel Punk's Phantasy Star Online comics first appeared on his website, Angel Punk's Domain.  His appreciation for PSO is definitely apparent in his subtle hardcore fan humor in his short comic strips using screen shots of in-game action as the background.  Come join his PSO characters in their adventures

    PSO Comic: Issue #1

    PSO Comic: Issue #2

    PSO Comic: Issue #3


Sprite Comics

By: Angel Punk

The second comic series on Game Alliance by Angel Punk is his Sprite Comics series.  Using sprites from a variety of games, such as the Legend of Zelda, and Chrono Trigger, 'Punk throws them into wacky adventures outside their game worlds.  Kind of like Captain N, but with different people.  Check them out!

     Sprite Comic #1

    Sprite Comic #2

    Sprite Comic #3

    Sprite Comic #4

    Sprite Comic #5

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