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Site Update (10/27/03) - By RyThom
It's time for the scary Halloween update on!  For starters, look at the great banners made by new member Butthead located in both the Fan Art section, and Links page.  Also, thank Tabasco Dan for the cool Mario Pumpkin picture here on the main page.  Next, Rin4ku shares tales or horror in his article Life at a Video Game Store, and in a review for the new GameCube game Viewtiful Joe.  I am also going to stop creating profile pages automatically for new visitors.  If you'd like a profile, please send one.  I'd also like to thank whoever it was that let me know about the broken link to the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Guide - thank you!  Lastly, the ever-popular "Video Game Fact of the Day" bit the dust, sadly.  It's ever changing source of video game trivia will be missed.  Happy Halloween, everyone!  Go play some Castlevania!
Site Update (10/15/03) - By RyThom
This week's belated update brings us all kinds of great stuff from our friend Angel Punk.  For starters, check out his lengthy and detailed review of  Phantasy Star Online, for the Nintendo GameCube.  After that, head over to the comics section for a brand new series by Angel Punk called Sprite Comics.  This update also marks the 6,000th hit on GameAlliance!  Happy 6,000!
New Articles Updated: 10/27/03 New Reviews Updated: 10/27/03
Life At a Video Game Store - By Rin4ku

Think working at a game store is easy?  Rin4ku begs to differ...

Viewtiful Joe Review (GameCube) - By Rin4ku

"Addicting, old school side scrolling at its finest. A definitely must own for any GameCube or Megaman fan."  9.25/10

How To Beat The Boss: Castlevania Circle of the Moon (GBA) - By FireEmblem

Detailed instructions how to finish off Camilla, Hugh, and Dracula in the first Castlevania for GBA.

Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 Review (GameCube)- By Angel Punk

"...if you like to be the best, if you like to hunt, if you like to even talk in chat rooms for crying out loud, get this game." 9.5/10

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Strategy Guide (GBA) - By Dark Shadow Girl

The guide on weapons, armor, items, and characters for this new GBA classic.

Double Switch (Sega CD) Review - By Rin4ku

"It's a great game for Sega CD, but other than that, most people don't like it." 6.5/10

Tactics Ogre Strategy Guide - By Dark Shadow Girl

A comprehensive guide on the characters, items, equipment and secrets for this strategy adventure.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox) Review - By RyThom

" of the very best console games.  Ever."  9.7/10

2003 NES Price Guide - By Foxx

GameAlliance's official price guide for every NES game.  A great collector's resource!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube) Review - By Foxx

"...this game is almost flawless in every aspect. My personal pick for game of the year." 10/10

New Fan Art/Comics Updated: 10/27/03  
128-bit Mario/GA Banner - By Butthead 64-bit Mario/GA Banner - By Butthead
16-bit Mario/GA Banner - By Butthead 8-bit Mario/GA Banner - By Butthead
Sprite Comic #5 - By Angel Punk Sprite Comic #3 - By Angel Punk

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