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Viewtiful Joe (GameCube) Review

By Rin4ku

Console: Gamecube
Game Name: Viewtiful Joe
Developer: Capcom (Team Viewtiful)
Genre: Side-scrolling action/beat’em up
Number of players: 1
Pros: Old school Beat’em up, huge replay value for a Beat’em up
Cons: Extremely hard
Rated: T
Games Like it: Comix Zone

Henshin a go go baby. This game makes a high, new standard for a side-scroller.
Very Viewtiful graphics as the cel-shadings are detailed and amazingly nice. The
gameplay is unique and original. This game has so much replay value; the game
can keep you busy for weeks.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing. The Celshading is detailed to the max,
frame by frame it is just completely beautiful.  The game has a comic book feel
and looks a lot like you are just reading one as you play it. The graphics look
really nice, and incredible in other scenes, the slow VFX (explained later) is
amazing as it can really show off the true powers of a gamecube.

Sound: the voice acting is incredible as it fits the whole “cheesy comic book”
role, And the music is great. From “in the city spider-man fast paced song” to
an “eerie scary dark vampire song” to fit the theme of the place you’re in. My
only complaint is that the song usually over rules the voices, so during a scene
to where Joe and his enemy talks, you’ll struggle a lot into hearing what they
say. Other than that, its just about perfect!

Gameplay: Here comes the great part. I enjoy talking about it as much as I love
playing it. The gameplay seems pretty basic and similar to Comix Zone, you have
the punch, kick, and jump button. But on the sides you have your VFX powers,
which is basically your super powers. The VFX consists of Slow, Machspeed, and
Zoom. So you have your basic combos just bashing on Punch or Kick, then you can
slow it down to do a super packed punch to send your enemy flying into his
friends, Or you can speed it up and go so fast, you begin to hit multiple
enemies… or you can zoom in, and blast multiple enemies at a time using a 360
kick or maybe even combine 2 of the 3. Combo variety never ends as you can even
juggle them in mid air, into a wall, speed up to them and beat them down till
they blow up! But you use your powers too much, you lose your super powers and
become your normal self with no VFXs till your super bar is full. After so much
fast paced action, a puzzle might come up every once in a while, such as
something huge in your way that you cannot break, how do you pass it? Joe knows,
simply by uppercutting it and MACH SPEED right under it. Or how about a huge
jump, and a buss with a huge engine… maybe you can just Slow it down to where
the engine builds up and suddenly just bursts right over the jump to make the
huge gap! Once you think that’s over, Capcom then throws a little sidescrolling
shooter at you to mix things up, that still uses all your VFX powers…

Replay Value: There’s tons of things to do. There’s combos to master, as this
could be a fighting game with all the stuff you can amazingly do. Then there’s
up to 4 difficulty modes, from Very easy (Kids) to you need to be superman hard
(Super V). After that, you have 3 different secret characters which gives you a
total of 4 different characters to use, and they all have their own move set,
looks, and even their own storylines!


Cel-shading at its finest. Setting a new standard for that.



Great voice acting and a nice soundtrack… but the soundtrack overlays the voicing so much, you can hardly hear them.


Game Play:

Simplistic yet varied combos, great and original VFX, setting a high new standard also.


Replay Value:

So much to do, 4 different characters, 4 different characters, many combos to learn and master.



Addicting, old school side scrolling at its finest. A definitely must own for any GameCube or Megaman fan.




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