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Sim Golf (PC) Review

By Foxx

Maxis has been the front runner in simulation games ever since the dawn of Sim City. But what happens when Maxis hires Sid Meier, creator of Civilization, to make a golf simulation? Iíll tell you whatÖ gaming gold.

Beware of this game. It looks innocent enough, maybe even slightly dull. But this game is one of the most addictive sims you will come across. When the game begins, you choose a location for your course: Links, Desert, Tropical, or Park Land. Each location comes with its own variety of scenery objects and a unique geography.

Now itís time to start building your golf course. Start with a club house, design your first hole, hire a staff, a tree here, a landmark there, and the game has begun. When the club opens, guests will begin to show up. If they like it, they will become a member, later joined by other potential members.

So, what does it take to design a successful, 18 hole country club? More than you might think. It takes plenty of land, money, and time, so youíre going to need to impress the county commissioner to get that land, plenty of members to fork over the cash, and many long sleepless nights. 

Whatís so fun about this game? The best part is trying to design the holes to make a well rounded course. Make them however you want, but make sure your members love every aspect of every hole. Did I mention you can play every hole you create? I didnít? You can even play a masters tournament to earn some extra cash.

Sid Meierís Sim Golf is a top notch sim with plenty of style and long lasting entertainment.


Simple, but effective. Complicated graphics can often make a sim difficult to play. There are lots of great characters as well.



Pretty normal music is highlighted by some excellent sound effects and imaginative Sims-like voices.


Game Play:

Like all good Sid Meier games, it takes a little bit of time to learn and master, but once you get in the groove, it works greatÖ aside from a few minor issues that could have been avoidedÖ such as golfers using the fairway from another hole to avoid an obstacle. Grr!


Replay Value:

It takes a long time to make an entire course. Even after you finish one, itís still a blast to create a new one at a different location. Itís just to bad you canít go back to play with old courses.



Seriously addictive and a superior simulation. Golfer and non-golfer alike will have a blast with this one!




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