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Robotech: Battlecry (Xbox) Review

By Rin4ku

Console: Xbox (And PS2)
Game Name: Robotech
Developer: Vicious Cycle
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1-2 (Versus)
Pros:Being able to use three diffrent forms from Macross
Cons: Steep learning curve
Rated: Teen
Games Like it: Ace Combat meets Panzer Dragoon

You've finished the Macross series, the movies, and bought the whole Robotech Series, what else can you do now? BE A VERITECH PILOT with "Robotech: battlecry"

Gameplay: You got your gunpod, Your Multi-targeting missiles, Your decoy pods, your 3 forms, Just about everything from the TV show! First off, your 3 forms have their one sub-fire and special ability! Battloid mode has the Rapidfire gunpod (Which is also known as anti-missile.  I'll get into that later) and a sniper ability. Guardian mode has the Multi-targeting missiles and the pick up ability. And The Fighter Mode has the multi-targeting missiles and the decoy pod ability with the ability for a half loop and to perform a Split "S". The Multi-Targeting Missiles feels like your playing "Panzer Dragoon" as you hold the B button and run the cursor at your enemy targets to lock on to the enemy... Not to mention this is the most important weapon in the game as it takes out up to 5 enemies! And the best part about Battloid mode is that it can destroy missles. But you can't over use your gunpod as it has a "Heat bar"... so when it hits its limit, it stops because of overheated!.. so when you try to destroy missle, it overheats Quick, so it adds to the strategy.

The best part about this game! It shows what cel shading can really do. Plus it goes real good since Robotech was a wonderful anime series!.. But the Veritechs, from when its flying to when it transform, IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!

The Voice acting on this game is just wonderful (As its done by the actual American actors/dubbers) It doesn't sound fake, or corny, but like your really on the mission! Plus you have to love Izzy's taunt "That's right, smart, beautiful, AND DEADLY". The music comes strait from the Anime series, so you should know what I'm talking about.

Replay Value:
The Multiplayer mode isn't really good as it sometime can take forever (Unless you have double damage on) and the missions are extremely hard. The real reason why you might play it again is to get 100% and to show off your mad skills... otherwise, you might not like the Extremely hard missions.


The cel graphics are just wonderful! You really gotta love it, from you just flying to you transforming from 1 mode to another.



Voice acting is terrific, and the music is alright. But the real plus is the voice acting.


Game Play:

It would've got a 10, but it has a real steep learning curve! But you gotta love how you can use all 3 modes to your advantage.


Replay Value:

Real hard missions and a poor multiplayer mode really brings it down, but showing off is always a plus!



A real good game that's worthy in your collection! Even if you haven't watched the Macross series.





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