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Ratchet and Clank (PS2) Review

By Bunnystyle

This game has been described as a bigger, better Jak and Daxter in outerspace with weapons and gadgets galore and...  To be honest, this game can't really be compared to any other platformer.
One day, Ratchet, who can best be described as some sort of space-mammal, finds wreckage of a crashed spaceship on his home planet.  Among the wreckage, he also finds Clank, a pint-sized robot with the intention of saving the galaxy.  The two soon end up on an adventure trying to find Captain Quark, the one...  er...  person who may be able to help.

Simply put, beautiful.  The environments and the characters are perfectly done.



The sound effects and voice acting are great, but the music is nothing spectacular.


Game Play:

Fantastic gameplay, would even be good with less weapons, but the more the merrier.


Replay Value:

After beating the game, you may go back to get all the gold bolts, gold weapons, and skill points, but you'll probably play a couple of other games first.



The game is more than just enjoyable, and will easily keep your interest for the roughly 20 hours of gameplay.




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