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Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (NES) Review

By Foxx

Where have all the really strange game ideas gone? It seems like original ideas have been cashed in for the next extreme sports game. Donít get me wrong, some of those games are damn good, but whereís the creativity? Whereís the love?

This game is my personal favorite ďdiamond in the rough,Ē not so average NES title. In a land aptly named the Salad Kingdom, there lives the beautiful Princess Tomato (give me a break; I used to work in a produce department). One day, the wicked Minister Pumpkin betrays King Broccoli and kidnaps Princess Tomato. She will be forced to marry Minister Pumpkinís son unless the brave Sir Cucumber can save her in time.

The premise of this game is pretty straight-forward. You see the Salad Kingdom through the eyes of Sir Cucumber. On the sides of the picture are commands such as LOOK, TALK, TAKE, HIT, PRAISE, etc. Most of these bring up a sub menu to specify what you want to interact with. As you can imagine, the majority of this game is trying to figure out what to do next. The gameplay is very simple, yet this game has a certain charm to it, like your favorite childhood storybook.

Peculiar games like Princess Tomato may not be for everyone. You wonít be amazed by cutting edge graphics or sound here. However, if you like the occasional adventure game, give this one a try.


Nothing ground breaking here, but it is fun to look at. The characters are fun to look at. Iím amazed how many fruit and vegetable people they could come up with (Sgt. Pepper rocks!).



Simple and repetitive music, but very catchy and enjoyable.


Game Play:

Itís hard to mess up controls like this. You wonít be leaning out of your seat, but you wonít get frustrated either.


Replay Value:

It might take you a while to finish the game, but once itís over, you might not need to play for sometime. The game isnít any different the second time unless you are really senile and forget everything.



Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom is a top-notch adventure with great characters, story, and puzzles. The graphics and sound may not be that impressive, but itís great to see a game like this on the NES. I think you will find an unexpected experience here.




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