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Metroid Prime (GC) Review

By Gray Fox

Very great game for fans of the series, if you're not a fan, you might want to stay away or rent it...


The graphics are excellent for the power of the GCN, and I was impressed the first time I loaded a new game. The graphics in Metroid Prime are probably the best on the Gamecube, and the best that we're going to see in a long time.


Better then graphics. Superb!  Play with headphones into your TV and you will hear so many background noises they just put in there for the environment of the room  Pump up the volume, it's worth it.


Pretty slow at first, but it wraps up at the end.  Not the best start, especially to people renting this game or not fans of the series  If you're not familiar with backtracking and item collecting, stay away from this game.

Replay Value

Not very much.  Probably the largest downside to this game. You probably won't play through the game more than twice. Multiplayer would have been good...



Definitely worth a second look. Not much of a problem here.



Excellent as well. Lots of little things that make it great.


Game Play:

Pretty rough at the beginning, but gets better.


Replay Value:

Almost none at all....



Not an average
















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