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Metroid Fusion (GBA) Review

By Delusion

Game: Metroid Fusion
Console: Gameboy Advance
Developer: Nintendo
Game Type: Action
Players: 1
Good: Classic Action, portable
Bad: Level Designs feel like Super Metroid
Rated: T
Similiar Games: Super Metroid, Castlevania: SOTN

Samus, after a long break, is at it again, but this time, its to save her life! She's been affected by a virus known as X, The virus made her corrupted her powersuit, making her unable to take her suit off (Which means it is permanently on her). The Virus almost killed her, but the scientist was able to make a vaccine out of a Metroid, which killed the Virus! Now your set on a mission to destroy the rest of the X virus in the B.S.L.

The game is great, the gameplay has the same addiction it had on Super Metroid, and it plays like the Castlevana is that were released on the GBA, which means it was simple, easy to pick up, and it was hard to master!

The storyline is great, its not the usual "Bounty Hunting" anymore, but it shows her at least trying to save herself because of the X virus. It is something different!


Real great 2D graphics for a GBA game! and the pics on the intro are high quality!



The sound is decent for a GBA game. It has some good music, great sound effects, and all the other stuff you'd expect from a GBA!


Game Play:

Same addicting gameplay from Castlevania and Super Metroid, all in this portable 32-bit cartridge


Replay Value:

With 4 different endings, addicting gameplay, and your friends bragging about beating it faster than you.. you'll want to come back for more!



One of the best games Nintendo made for the GBA and a great way to continue the Metroid series!  Gotta love Samus!














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