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McKids (NES) Review

By Foxx

Well, well, well… Ronald McDonald finally sold out. And I thought he just did it for the children… McKids takes a simple Mario platform and puts it right into McDonald Land. The game starts off as Ronald comes to ask for the help of two young boys. Boy #1: The white kid with a backwards hat (what a playa’). Boy #2: The token black guy with a Kid n’ Play hairstyle. It appears that Ronald’s “magic bag” has been stolen and it is up to you to save the day. 

Each world is hosted by a different McDonald Land character such as Ronald, Birdie, The Hamburgler, and who can forget the Grimace?  Every world has around 6 stages that you must beat to move on. The world is completed when you have collected the necessary number of puzzle pieces (arches). Sometimes it takes some searching to find them.

The gameplay is typical of a Mario clone. One or two players (sharing lives) work together as they take turns at beating each stage. Spiders, gophers, and chickens (McNuggets) will be there to slow your progress. An interesting gameplay feature is the ability to flip upside-down and play the level in reverse gravity. This is essential to getting certain items.

McKids looks like it was made with kids in mind (thus the title), but this is a solid platformer (and pretty difficult at times) with moderate appeal.


Cartoonish graphics make everything look like a Happymeal toy.



The music is fitting, but will get to you after a while.


Game Play:

Nothing groundbreaker, but still a solid platformer.


Replay Value:

This one may take a while to beat. Some of the levels are pretty tough. Especially by the time you get to the Hamburgler. Once you beat it, you might not pick it up again for a while.



McKids is fun, but only McAverage.














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