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Gobliiins Review

By Foxx

In 1991 there was a little puzzle-adventure game called Gobliiins. In fact, this was probably the first PC game I had ever experienced. The story: Has the King lost his mind or are there darker forces at work here? The Quest: Three goblins have been sent out on a quest to save the King.

Hooter, Dwayne, and Bobo each have a specific skill.  Hooter is your designated item guy. He can pick up objects (one at a time) and use them where necessary. Dwayne is the resident tough guy. Need to punch something? Dwayne is your manÖ err, goblin. He can also climb to those hard to reach places. Bobo is a wizard of sorts. He can cast spells on certain objects with a variety of results. Gobliiins is full of many challenging puzzles. You must combine the efforts of these three goblins to advance to the next level.

Gobliiins plays as a stage-by-stage game. Each level features a different location with several puzzles in each. Select one goblin to perform a task and then select another one to complete the next step. Itís all about teamwork. There are a few problems with commanding the characters where to go. Sometimes they just donít want to go where you tell them. Also, it would be nice if you could control more than one goblin at a time. Other than that, Gobliiins is a challenging puzzle-adventure that will keep you thinking.


Keep in mind this game is from 1991. The original game was on floppy disk. The graphics are pretty pixilated, but very colorful with that old-school charm.



The original floppy version had PC speaker sound effects only. Many of the sounds are few and far between. The CD ROM version is a vast improvement, but still very lacking.


Game Play:

Very fun and challenging (sometimes frustrating) puzzles. The point and click works well for this one, but there are some limitations.


Replay Value:

Many gamers will spend quite a bit of time playing through each level. You will also need a password to get back to the last level you were on. Once the game is done, thereís no need to hurry back to it.



If you like solving puzzles, this game is sure to please.















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