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Bible Adventures (NES) Review

By Foxx

Every once in a while, church and video games collide… okay, so not as often as you might imagine, but this is actually a game. Bible Adventures is more that just a game… its three games: Noah’s Ark, Baby Moses, and David and Goliath. More than that, you might be able to convince your parents is a justifiable cause to skip Sunday school!

Let’s break it down…

Noah’s Ark: The goal of Noah’s Ark is to collect two of every animal and bring them back to the ark. As Noah, you run and jump around various levels (Mario style) and literally pick up the animals and stack them on your head. Bring them back to the ark and viola! It’s not really as easy as it sounds as the more fierce animals try to attack you and a few of them are downright hard to catch.    

Baby Moses: Okay, this one is where the game gets weird. Your goal is to carry Baby Moses through several levels while avoiding various spear wielding soldiers and giant spiders. Yes, spiders… ahem… anyway, that’s about the entire premise behind this one. If you get hurt, Baby Moses falls to the ground and you’re forced to grab him before someone else does. Probably the most entertaining feature of this game is throwing B.M. into the river and pretending that it was an accident.  Oops!                                                          

David and Goliath: If you know the story, David was a shepherd who brought down a giant with only a sling and a smooth stone. This game features several levels of sheep-saving-action as you move closer to your confrontation with Goliath. But watch out because ferocious lions and pesky squirrels want to thwart your progress. Save all of your sheep and move on to the next level. It’s just that fun!

Each game features random scripture from the Bible both during and between levels. No wonder my grandma bought me this game!


Eh? Not bad for Nintendo, not Heaven-worthy either.



Very annoying sound effects and sub-par music.


Game Play:

The three games use the same engine of run, jump, and pick something up. The gameplay presents some challenge, but because it’s nearly impossible to pick things up sometimes.


Replay Value:

Well, it might be fun to show this one to your friends for a laugh. Throwing Baby Moses in the water is also a good form of stress relief. You might even turn it on again and again to distract your parents from what you are really doing in your room.


Bible Factor:

Tons of actual scripture, but where’s the Bible trivia!?! Also, I don’t believe Noah single-handedly carried stacks of cow and oxen on his head. But then again… God works in mysterious ways.



Mildly entertaining to some extent, but poor graphics and gameplay will annoy the “Halleluiah” out of you.

















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