In Memory of Bryan Knowles 1965 - 2001

The On-Line Memorial Service

The text of the on-line memorial was kindly collected and sent to me by HelenWheels.


AliBaba: um, time check, anyone?

HelenWheels: It's time.

IrateDwarf: 5:06

AliBaba: let's do it

IrateDwarf: My clock is 6 minutes off

Manta: IT's TImE

HelenWheels: We are gathered here today to mourn the passing... no, to celebrate the life of Bryan Knowles.

HelenWheels: As is usual on the internet, none of us knew him well, though several of us have met him in person.

Jon^North has joined #urban_legends

birdman: welcome, jon

birdman: we're just starting

Jon^North: wow, quite a crowd

Manta: Hi Jon.

HelenWheels: However, he managed to touch us all with just words on a screen, and show us a little of the spirit, the humor, the compassion, and love that made his personality.

HelenWheels: I have no doubt that he was no different in his "Real" life.

HelenWheels: I will remember him for his unselfishness...

birdman: he was extremely dedicated to his wife & kids

JonnyT has joined #urban_legends

JonnyT: hey all

birdman: jt!

JonnyT: bb!

AliBaba: fabulous sense of humor

HelenWheels: hen Bryan was going back and forth between Texas and Maryland for treatment, rrspare's cousin was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Manta: I will remember him for his spirit

tomc: Class in suffering

Manta: WB JT

Gibbie: I wrote that in a card I sent to Lou yesterday, that I was struck by how in his darkest hours he was concerned only for her and the boys.


On-Line Memorial Page

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