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ghost.jpg (24114 bytes)

Angel Wings?

memorial photo.jpg (18516 bytes)

Taken at Ground Zero

aol house ghost.jpg (39917 bytes)

A friendly house guest

ghost aol 2.jpg (35493 bytes)

 No moon here!

hockey ghost aol.jpg (23262 bytes)

Hockey swirls and orbs

kids ghosts for aol.jpg (54669 bytes)

Orbs in background

smokey ghost aol.jpg (43812 bytes)

Doggie guardian angel?

tennis ball ghostaol.jpg (30299 bytes)

The "Tennis Ball" ghost

xmas ghosts.jpg (25551 bytes)

Christmas Visitors

scorp 2.jpg (27449 bytes)

Baby Vortex

scorp 3.jpg (75085 bytes)

No smoking here!

scorp1.jpg (92343 bytes)

Vortex 2


Seeinglight.jpg (22599 bytes)

Angelic haze

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ThirdEye1.jpg (48925 bytes)

Hand fasting with beautiful rainbow


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