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Pictures Page 2

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thirdeye4.jpg (76846 bytes) thirdeye5.jpg (23061 bytes) thirdeye6.jpg (58621 bytes)

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hailey1.jpg (16490 bytes)Beautiful Vortex

hailey2.jpg (26964 bytes)haileyinsert2.jpg (15714 bytes)

Smiling Visitor?

3 peeps.jpg (35512 bytes)

Taken during a channeling session

Angel_pic_aol.jpg (68883 bytes)

Another Christmas Visitor

ghost2.jpg (24373 bytes)

The "Shadow"

ghost2neg.jpg (24338 bytes)

MyDocumentName.jpg (86594 bytes)

orbs, orbs everywhere.....

Make sure you

email us your pictures!

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Feel like you're being watched?!






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