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The New Wildlife Warrior

        The world is in mourning. Animal conservationist Steve Irwin, better known as the "Crocodile Hunter" was killed last week in a freak stingray accident. Now before you go out and start hanging every stingray by it's tail, remember that Steve would never hurt an animal nor would he hold an animal's natural defense to protect itself responsible.

        As an animal activist myself, there were things that Steve did that made me sometimes cringe. Here was this guy, jumping around, chasing crocs, touching elephants and hugging monkeys! As an activist I was always led to believe any interaction with wild animals, especially endangered species was off limits. Many activists believe it is wrong for anyone to disturb an animal's natural habitat in any way. Steve had a different view and explained it on a TV interview once that basically we have already meddled and have taken away so many natural habitats, the damage has clearly already been done and a different course of action is now warranted.

        It is far too late to act as a traditional animal rights activist. Now is the time to not only educate people about the depletion of our natural resources; the murdering of entire species of animals, but we also need to get people to fall in love with animals. We need to show  them how beautiful a stingray is; how majestic a crocodile can be, and how loveable a tarantula really is. In order to do this, we have to become more hands on. We must protect them by any means necessary; which includes the use of zoo's and man made animal habitats.

        We now have a very important obligation to love these creatures, to touch them and to spend time with them. We may have to invade their habitat and capture them in order to ensure their species, in order to teach people about them. We have got to save them.

        The animal rights activists have evolved because the earth and everything on it has evolved. There is no doubt about it. Learn about the animal that scares you the most and share your love and fascination with it. Learn to appreciate it's majesty and then share your love, respect and knowledge with others around you.

        If we continue to hold on to old ideals, then Steve will have died in vain. In order to honor Steve, his work and his family, we need to emulate what he taught us. We need to grow and realize that we too can be a wildlife warrior and learn to get closer with nature and with animals. We need to realize that even the staunchest animal rights activist needs to change and grow with the times in order to do what is right.




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