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I recently received an email from a gentleman who had visited our website. He wrote me an eloquent email which I want to share with everyone. I found his opinion to be long overdue when it comes to parapsychologists and the study of paranormal phenomena.


"Ghosts are souls of those who have left this world and I know many people are fond of the term "Ghost Hunting" but please think that hunting is a term that often brings up the shooting and killing of living creatures and that to some ghost hunting may imply the immature thoughts of ghost busters hunting and ridding ghosts when really they are an amazing phenomenon that in many cases serves to remind us of the people they once were and the mistakes of their lives that should not be repeated.

And if you are hunting down ghosts to terminate them that is just silly!
I know you mean that you hunt down the locations of ghosts to research them but the first thing anyone should learn in their investigations is the ability to respect the history and life of the ghost as a human being and this may appear to show disrespect, I'm not criticizing you I'm just pointing something out so that someone who would wish to tear you down doesn't get to it first!"


I would really like to hear from the rest of you to see what your feelings are about this subject. I, for one, agree with this individual and this email made me rethink my stance

Should the term "Ghost Hunting"  be squelched? Take this mini poll now and vote.


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