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True Ghost Stories

The "Thump" Ghost

When I was 8 years old my family moved into an old house that no one lived in for many years. This house was built by my Great Uncle Aaron and has been in the family for over 100 years.
My bedroom was the most haunted spot in the house. I would wake up in the middle of the night and a man would be sitting on the side of my bed smiling at me. Needless to say I would scream my head off until my Mom would come running. But the worst night I ever had in the house was the night my Sister and I were just going to bed and there was a loud thump on my door. I opened it and nothing there. We had just settled in again and another "Thump" louder this time. Before I could open the door to investigate this spirit started running up and down the stairs getting louder and louder each time and each time he would "THUMP" the door. Finally after 10 minutes (and I watched the clock for this too) the running stopped. My sister and I ran to the bedroom next to us that was our older Sister and woke her up. She said she didn't hear a thing. Thirty years later my oldest Son was laying in my old bed in my old bedroom and guess what happened to him? Yep the same thing!!!!! Now you tell me was it a Spirit or something of our imagination?  You decide.
Thank You for letting me share this:
"True Ghost Story"

Peace and Blessings


"The Tunnel Ghost"

In the paper the headlines of the day was that a woman was found drowned about 5 miles from my home, down by the river. I didn't think much of the location where she was found. I go by it all the time and there are always a lot of people there. Well, the next night I was at a Carnival in town and friend met me there and asked if I would like to go to Dinner. I wasn't going to pass up a meal:). We decided that it was foolish to take both cars and I wasn't going to leave my car at the Carnival so I asked him to follow me home and leave my car there.
Where the lady drowned there is a tunnel you have to travel through. My friend was following close behind me until I drove through the tunnel. He had to make a stop so I was waiting for him on the other side. I looked thru my rearview mirror and saw a car with no lights on. I knew it wasn't my friend cause he has a Ranchero and this was a Maverick. I waved for then to go on and pass me but when I moved up a little they moved up behind me. I moved again and waved for them to go around me but they just moved up on my bumper. Well, this was making me angry and I could see my friends headlights coming thru the tunnel so I took off just squealing wheels to show those people that were on my bumper that I was mad. When we got to my house I asked my friend if he saw the car behind me and he said there wasn't a car there. Of course I argued with him but he swears there wasn't a car behind me. Well, the next day the Police gave out the details of the woman found drowned by the river. She was found hanging half way out of her car and they wanted to know if anyone had seen the dark green MAVERICK on the night of her drowning. A week later her husband was arrested for killing his wife. Was she trying to talk to me? I guess I will never know because I have tried to sit there again to see if anything happens and nothing has.

Peace and Blessings

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