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Dodo bird
Carabian Monk Seal
Passenger Pigeon
Nile Crocodile
Stellar's Sea Cow
Tasmanian Tiger-Wolf
Dire wolf
Carolina Parakeet
Saber-toothed Tiger




In the past millennium many animals became extinct because of us, humans. This website features the many animals that went extinct in the past millennium, animals that we never see again.

For every species that is alive today, perhaps a thousand more have lived previously and become extinct. Most of these extinctions occurred before humans evolved, and the species are known to us only through fossils. Extinctions are a natural part of evolutionary processes, but through most of the history of life on Earth, biological diversity has been increasing. Periodically, however, major changes in the conditions on Earth have caused the collapse of living systems, and large percentages of species a have become extinct. These species will never return. It takes millions of years for life forms to diversify again.

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