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The Tower Of Silver Magic

Spells List

This page is dedicated to the proper use of magic as to avoid the death of allies. The foremost tip is to always know where your partners are. More people than there should be are hit by random blasts from off the screen. The next lesson is to use the correct spell for the right situation. Is there a group requiring a fire wall, a column of creatures needing a good dose of lightning, or a single boss asking for stone curse? The one of the two most useful spells is fireball; it's cheap, quick_casting, heavy-hitting, but dangerous to allies. The other would have to be chain lightning;it's quite cheap to use, quick_casting, hits most everything on the screen, and it doesn't hurt your allies much. Only half of the level four spell books are legit, the following are only scrolls and staves: apocalypse,and nova, though etheralize can only be obtained through a hack. Also, resurrect and identify only appear as scrolls.One tip about using bone spirit, it takes away a little hp when you use it. There will be more after further research, brought to you by Kazur. Thank you for visiting!

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