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Holy Shield's Links

Allied or not, these sites listed here are worthwhile to visit, all contributing something to the overall goodness that is in every game. That companionship that players feels to each other, that sense of justice, each here also holds dear.

Revered Clans & Guilds

Home Of Cain's Disciples
Realm Of The Warriors Of Camelot
The Legion Of Angels
The Shards Of Chaos
The Inquisition
Angels Of Death
Legit Heroes
Warders Of Light
Blood Legion

Holy Shield Pages

Home Of The Shield
Members List
Allies List
Clan Messages
The Tower Of Silver Magic
The Golden Armory
The Hidden Range
UAHH Charter

Miscellaneous Sites

Scanner Resources
UAHH Home Page
Comets Ice Cavern
UAHH Public Messages
Clan Page Servers
Global Clan Directory