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UAHH Charter

United Armies of the High Heavens Charter Fourth Revision I.Policy 1. Uphold our ideals and cause. This cannot be stressed enough. a. Trainers and those applications or modifications which give the player an unfair advantage over the game or other players are disallowed. This includes duped items, gold, pack and any sort of Autokill. b. Scanners and applications which do not give an unfair advantage or allow defense from same (such as but not limited to Anti Player Killer, Play off Hard Drive and Anti Crash) are allowed. c. Backups of your current characters are allowed, to exercise caution in the event you mistakenly lose data. However backups of items are not allowed. 2. Conduct yourself in the manner of an honorable and sportsmanlike player at all times. You are a representative of the UAHH and your respective guild. Act accordingly. 3. Watch the backs of other Confederation members. If anyone is attacked by enemies of the guild or otherwise, the ISA (Internal Security Agents) of the guild hunt them down and challenge them to a duel. 4. The decisions of higher ranked players are to be respected. Moreover, no person of higher rank shall be harassed or otherwise by a person of lower. However, we do not tolerate power trips or anything of that sort. If you feel you have been treated unreasonably or in an offensive manner by a 'superior officer', bring the complaint to someone of a higher rank than you or the offender. Action will be taken accordingly. If the conflict still cannot be resolved, bring it directly to the leader of your respective Guild and action will be taken. 5. Each Guild is to have an equal voice in the United Armies of the High Heavens Council. 6. There may only be one Head Senator, elected from among the Leaders of the Guilds by popular support. All of the other Leaders are Senators in full standing. Each Senator may choose one Advisor from their guild for Confederation matters. II. Confederation Meetings 1. At each meeting, since it would be impractical to include all members of each Guild, only the Head Senator, Senators, and the Advisors of the (Head) Senator(s) may be present. The information from each meeting will be passed from all Senators on down to their respective guild members and chapters. a. Meetings shall be conducted in an orderly and respectful manner, with one person having the floor to speak at a particular time. 2. In the event that a Guild is composed of more than one Leader, the posts of Senator and Advisor will be settled between the two of them by a vote in their respective guild. This can be put on the respective Guild's webpage as a poll or the like. 3. If the decisions of a Senator and his/her Advisor conflict, for Confederation purposes, the decision of the Senator will prevail. 4. The Head Senator of the Confederation has the right to veto or abolish measures which fall under the Confederation's sphere of influence. However this power does not extend to the lower members, or the actions of, the respective Guilds. 5. The dissenting opinions of two Senators are required to override the veto power of the Head Senator. III.Crimes 1. In the event that a Confederation member is accused of a crime by the members of another non Confederation Clan/Guild, the guild Commander will meet with the leader of the offended's Clan/Guild to resolve the situation. Disciplinary action against our member will be taken accordingly. This action can be one of the actions outlined in the next section, ISA/Justice Division, Paragraph 1 Sub Paragraphs A through F. 2. If a member of our Confederation is accusing someone in another non Confederation Clan/Guild of a crime, either the Commander or a duly empowered subordinate officer of the Justice Division will meet with whoever is in charge of the offender's clan/guild on his or her behalf to resolve the situation and request that action be taken. 3. In the event that crimes have been committed within and against our Confederation, those cases will be handed over to the UAHH JD/ISA and resolved accordingly with the requested help of that offender's Leader or the Leader's Advisor. a. If a member or non member of the JD/ISA has accused a Confederation member of a crime and no other members of the division are online to resolve the matter, the Senator and Leader of the offender shall step in to resolve it. IV.Internal Security Agents/Justice Division 1. Although our ideals are paramount, we also recognize the threat of espionage or corruption. Therefore, our ISA has the task of rooting out those who have made serious offenses against Confederation policy or spies. The Justice Division is the Court arm and the regulators of the ISA. The JD has the task of prosecuting the offenders in a fair and impartial tribunal. These tribunals have the possible effect of one of the following: a. Finding of innocence in wrongdoing. b. Verbal (or more literally, typed) reprimand. c. Disciplinary status. d. Demotion. e. Demotion/reprimand. f. Expulsion from the respective guild. This is with the consent of the Senator from whose Guild the offender belongs. 2. Taking a leaf from the methods of the now-defunct United Diablo Confederation (UDC), the Internal Security Agency has been empowered to as a LAST RESORT use methods which are against guild policy. This is in order to 'level the playing field' as it were, when confronted with non-Legit spies and the like. However, those methods will be strictly regulated by the Justice Division and used only in cases where a proven threat exists. 3. The UAHH Internal Security Agency reports and is accountable to the Commander of the Justice Division. In the event that he/she is not available to consult and keep watch upon this division, the members of the Confederation ISA are regulated by the ranking IS Agent. 4. In the event that the duties of the UAHH ISA and a member guild's security division conflict, the UAHH prevails. This includes bounty hunters and the like. IV.Diplomatic Division- Duties and Regulations 1. The Diplomatic Division of this Confederation is empowered with the position to, upon their good judgment, meet with leaders of other Clans/Guilds to open negotiations for new guilds to join the UAHH, and commit those other things falling under the sphere of negotiation which these guilds, acting in the capacity of a Confederation, may of right do. 2. The Advisors of each Senator are empowered to act in a diplomatic manner for the Confederation. 3. Members of the Diplomatic Division are expected to be able to conduct themselves according to Section I, Paragraph 2 of our policy. 4. The Diplomatic Division will keep lines of communication open between the Senators and another Ambassador/Leader in time of negotiation. They will also supply information about the Clan/Guild in the event of a possible new addition to the UAHH. 5. If the Leader or Ambassador of another Clan/Guild requests a meeting with a Senator, the Advisor of that respective Senator will take steps to make such a meeting available. 6. In the event that neither the Head Senator nor the other Senators are available to meet, the responsibility for this shall pass to the Head Senator's Advisor and then in turn to the Advisor of the Senator/Leader of the next largest Guild. V.New Guilds/Clans 1. Before a new guild joins the UAHH, the Senators or other duly appointed people must convene to discuss the approval of that guild. 2. This is done after learning of the guild's webpage and their filling out a short set of questions which will be included on site in form of a sheet. 3. A two-thirds majority vote is required before a guild may be admitted.

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