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The Hidden Range

Rouge's Rules Of Survival

With a rain of arrows from wavering shadows, the rouge will strike before one evens realizes their fate. Often called the weakest class, many don't realize the potential that lies herein. Her speed and accuracy with the bow is uncomparable; when played correctly she is a formidable person. When using a rouge, even moreso that sorcerors, the most important aspect is distance. Decimate your opponents quickly from afar, then finish with magic when they close in mass. When playing with others, be wary of your line of fire. Sorcerors are most vulnerable to your bow, often having no way of blocking the shots. Also, arrows easily interrupt spell-use, almost rendering the target helpless. The one key to this is NOT to miss, which can be helped with a greater dexterity. Teleport spells are a must for keeping a distance; if not the book, obtain scrolls at least. Mana shield is a bonus for, if she's played right, little mana will be used offensively and you will have a strong shield. Thank you for reading, brought to you by Elindra!

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