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The Golden Armory

Duties Of The Knighthood

Valiant knights of, it's a difficult path to follow; being in the forefront of any engagement. With creatures all around and allied spells thrown your way, how does one survive? The first lesson is to have the right combination of equipment. Magic items are a plus, be sure to balance your resistances (hint: fire is the most common form of attack used by sorcerors) with stat boosters. Also, I've found that the extra damage caused by two-handed weapons aren't worth losing the protection of a shield. Shields are the difference between ten damage, and fifty damage. They can also nullify attacks by blocking them. Use magic, but sparingly; healing is a plus but my favorite is teleportation. That spell can bring you right up to a magic-user, whether human or demonic, or out of a bad situation. Keep your shield forward and eyes set on the target, because there's no backing down! Brought to you by Corsos, thank you for reading!

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