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Photographs submitted by Derryhale Residents.

Have you any photos taken of Derryhale/ why not send them to us for possible inserting in your website.

The photos on this page were taken by Alistair Keenan of 

The Oaks.

On left showing the flood plain, beside the Sewage Pumping Station, Alistair's dog is called 'Trouper' 


Below are winter scenes at Derryhale taken by Alistair.

Introduction to Derryhale Residents Association

Derryhale May 2000

Developing Our Business Plan, by William J Bryans

Derryhale Primary School

Photos Taken by Derryhaleites

The Marsh Lands

Bronze Pins Found at Derryhale (1200BC - 600 BC)

Businesses in Derryhale and Surrounding Area

Local and National Public Representatives

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