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the Derryhale R.A Business Plan

By our Hon Treasurer Mr. William J. Bryans

1 Introduction


1.1 Business Planning was first developed in industry and commerce to cope with the so called climate of change. It has become an acknowledged method of moving from strategy to achievement. Because the process greatly assists complex organisations to focus simultaneously upon a broad range of issues that may not be finance related, it is now widely used by organisations that have no profit motive.

Although all such organisations have a requirement to keep financial records and to balance their books, many also need methods which enable them to measure benefits and achievements. In the case of sporting activities, analysis of scores and win, lose, or draws, can provide the basis for this process. In other spheres, like our own, methods of measurement are not so obvious. Our strategic objectives, for example, do not appear to lend themselves to meaningful translation into arithmetic expression.


1.2 Strategic Objectives

Those broad intentions which are set out in our constitution:-

Development of consensus opinion;

Fair promotion to the advantage of all without distinction;

Development and enhancement of local rural environment;

Improve communications with external service providers;

Enhance Quality of life through social interaction

need to be explored in considerably more detail and scored in a meaningful way so that we can determine and measure progress. There are four main aspects to this arrangement:-

Maintenance of a communications network;

Assessment of internal values and needs;

Communicating with external providers;

Income generation and residents' profile; [MACI]


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Local and National Public Representatives

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