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Derryhale Bronze Sunflower Pins

Illustration from the book 'The Archaeology of Ulster'


Reading from 'The Archeology of Ulster'

by J. P. Mallory & T. E. McNeill, published by Queens, Institute of Irish Studies pub 1991; reprint 1995

A hoard of bronze sunflower pins from the Late Bronze Age (1200BC - 600 BC) were found together in a hoard in Derryhale.

Linda McKee of Derryhale Lane, a second year student studying archeology at The Queen's University of Belfast has taken an interest in this find.  From Linda's research she says that the 'hoard'  was found in 1830 in a bog in Derryhale,  It does not say where exactly (most likely the marsh lands off Derryhale Road/Coxhill Road).  


The hoard is presently held by the National Museum, Kildare Street, Dublin.  There are 35 pieces, all catalogued in the 1983 publication 'The Hoards of the Irish Later Bronze Age' by George Eogan, Professor of Archaeology, University of Dublin,  

Site and circumstances of discovery;

Formerly in the collection of St. Columba's College, Rathfarnham but originally at Stackallen, Co. Meath.  When the objects were acquired by the National Museum written on an accompanying label was a statement that the objects were found in a bog in 1830. But the group also contained two brooches and two pins of Early Christian date. This casts doubt on the authenticity of the entire group as an associated find.

There is only one piece from the hoard currently on display in the Museum.  The piece, a star shaped faience bead, forms part of the Museums Prehistoric Ireland exhibition.  If any Derryhale residents wish to view the other material please let us know and we will consult with the curators.

Credit must be given to Ann Harney of Virginia, USA.  Ann, a prolific and famous writer in US on Irish historical and genealogical subjects, brought the information of this find to our notice when she discovered it during her research in the libraries at Queen's University Belfast.

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