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Businesses Operating In Derryhale and Surrounding Area

List Not Completed

Wesley Cairns. Plant - Machinery Distributors

77 Derryhale Road

Tel: 3835 1366

Barbour Electrical 

Derryhale Road


Derryhale Hampers (Proprietor: Barbara Nelson)

89 Derryhale Road

Tel: 3887 0008



Lots of Pots. (Proprietor: Sandra Price)

32 Derryhale Lane

Tel: 3836 2444

Joe Aldred.  Glass Fibre Products

33 Derryhale Lane

Tel: 3833 3320

Derrick Clarke Plumbing

26 Derryhale Lane

Tel: 3833 5816

Duke's Transport

Vicarage Road, Dobbin


R.H.Nixon. Motor Body Repairs

14 Vicarage Road

Tel: 3833 6243

Sergeant Portable Buildings

26 Vicarage Road

Tel: 3833 9547

Thomas Chapman. Car body repairs.

47 Dobbin Road

Tel: 3833 2918

Drumnasoo Car Sales

43 Dobbin Road

Tel: 3835 0476 

Chapman's Farm Fresh Veg.

47 Dobbin Road


Ell's Restaurant

Dobbin Road


Costercutter Store (Robb's)

Dobbin Road


Bryan Hynds  Ltd. Retail Garden Equipment

32 Dobbin Road

Tel: 3833 5885

Dobbin Garden Centre. 

16 Dobbin Road

Tel: 3835 7094

Trailer Sales 

Dobbin Road


Classic Fireplaces

24a Dobbin Road

Tel: 3833 1200

Clearway Disposals  

41 Dobbin Road

Tel: 3833 7333

Allen's Autos

Armagh Road

Tel: 3833 2525

Watson's Pub.

Watsons Corner

Tel: 38


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Businesses in Derryhale and Surrounding Area

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