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2 Elements of Business Plan Development

2.1 Income Generation

As a non profit making organisation, we need to generate and maintain levels of income, commensurate with our business objectives in order to maximise our achievements. This means exploring every avenue, members subscriptions, fund raising, grant aid and lottery grants. In addition, it is worth keeping our catchment area under review.


2.2 Internal Values and Needs

We already have some core values stated in our constitution. For example, ''Non political; Non sectarian; Non racist; Equality; and Empowerment.'' Also passing reference is made to the maintenance of the rural character of our environment. In order to be specific, we have to create an internal focus upon the environment in which we live, physical, natural, historical, and cultural. All this needs to be worked though so that positive expressions of intentions are made clear.


2.3 External Providers

As we have discovered, our external service providers particularly in the public sector, can both enhance our efforts through support and financial aid, and they can be seen to be acting contrary to what we perceive to be our interests. In order to gain most benefit, we must establish working relationships with as many providers as possible.


2.4 Communications Network

The network performs the information and co-ordination function. Again it requires attention and possible development, which in turn will demand support from additional resources. For examples, use of the internet, local radio, and a permanent news sheet are elements which will have to be considered as part of our information strategy.

Accreditation for quality is also an item which fits neatly into the information agenda because it is one of mechanisms that unifies the disparate parts of the overall process.


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