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-Sept of Urskalas-

"Sit down, shut-up, and listen. If you don't, I will rip out your tongue and break your legs so you will listen."
-Slayer-of-Urrah, Cliath Skald, Lupus

Mjolnir's Thunder was found upon ideals concerning the destruction of our eternal enemy, Jormangundr. You ask when the first Thunderer walked upon our mother's breast? Time means nothing to us. We have always fought since Jormangundr began its war upon us. We will fight until Ragnarok falls upon us with its Fimbul Winter. What we do not involve ourselves in is human affairs. At least we tried, but the humans are stupid and we have been forced to set our claws in their conflicts to destroy Jormangundr's influence.

What happened during the Wars of Rage?
Mjolnir's Thunder was one of the main causes of many other bete to be wiped out. They killed more bastet than all the tribes put together. The problem is that after the Bunyip got killed by the Red Talons, they saw the error in their deeds. The camp is so angry about getting suckered by the Wyrm that now they are near mindless in their slaying of wyrm minions. They have especially created a deep seething anger for the Silver Fangs because they are the ones who ordered the attacks. They have had to clean up some severe cases of Veil breaking in the last 100 or so years. Korea is one of the main points of the asault.

The Wars of Rage. We refuse to speak of this. Don't ask again...*seething anger*

The Impergium, a great idea turned to shit because of poor leadership. We could have kept the humans under our claws, but no. The stupid Children of Gaia ruined the world by letting the humans go unpunished. I have to say it, but in this case; the Shadow Lords were right. We should have kept them under control. Hell, the Red Talons would still be strong if the humans were controlled. Now the culling is over. Shame… We now see some of the folly in that action. Jormangundr had grown strong as we unwittingly did its work. That will never happen again.

Napoleon, what a perverted bastard! He almost conquered us. We eventually gathered our kin to aide us in that war. With the invention of muskets and muzzleloaders…we almost lost. That taught us a valuable lesson, attack from the flank or rear. Napoleon had the help from Jormangundr for sure. We had to destroy his camps and even kill entire troop levels. It was a shame what Jorgangundr did to them, just like the Romans. Jormangundr had subverted the population into thinking Napoleon was a King, when he really was a devil. We were forced to slay much of his armies before he got exiled.

World War II, the worst human war we have witnessed. Jormangundr truly showed his wrath then. Our tribe turned upon each other and we were forced kill our own tribe-mates. We sure as hell weren't going to allow the other tribes point at all of us. Those that turned from Fenris to the nazis died outright, if they did not turn back to Fenris. We slew over 30 of our own to make that point. We made sure the Get who turned from Fenris would never make that mistake again. There was some major wyrm shit going down in that party too. Some kinda Pagan sorcery. We turned those fuckers inside out when we got to them. They were using children as blood sacrifices, torture and sex that just wasn't right. They are a mere smear on the floors now, yes that is plural.

The Korean War was really fucked up. They have some wierd wyrm shit happening over there. Thunderwyrms up the ass and worse, leeches flock their cities like the fucking plague of the 1500's. We have at least a third of our members over there currently. We still can't believe the amount of wyrm activity in Korea. Our garou had a handful of shit handed to them by the Emerald Court. They even welcomed us to kill as many wyrmlings as we possibly could. Strange they didn't even try and kill us, in fact they welcomed us. Seoul is a battleground literally. Their city is run by the Korean army for reasons of us. We have destroyed many legions of Jormangundr's minions in that country.

The present times are truly troubling. Since the Prophecy of the Phoenix, our camp has exploded in numbers. We have recovered from a mere dozen at the turn of the century to nearly 40 members. We know that Fenris has called upon us now as Ragnarok looms ahead. Plain and simple, we must stay in packs within our own tribe. Even if that means being with other camps. Try as hard as we can, only the Fenrir can save Gaia. Now is the time for war...


This land is cursed also. A land in eternal war, we only have a clue about what is happening. The scent of Jormangundr can be smelled even upon the earth, and the storms rage of its anger. The Silent Striders own this land; besides, we have better things to do than fight over a land already lost to Jormangundr.

There is only one place worse than Australia and this place is it. This place is cursed. Many things are frozen within the confines of the ice. We will leave whatever it is that sleeps there alone. Whatever lives in the ice will stay there.

Asia is a shitty place to be right now. Korea is infested with leeches and Jormangundr's minions are powerful there. We have heard from the Hengeyokai that many changers have died in this land. If they weren't able to protect their own land then they don't deserve to live. That is why we are in Korea now, to do the jobs of what the others could not do. Russia is quite a shitty place too, Baba Yaga, thay old crone is dead now. We have been trying for centuries to kill her and finally the curtain has fallen. The fangs are strong here, but so is their tainted blood. BSD's rule this land practically. We have a big war to fight here. Japan is infested with wierd shit. I have to say that it makes me sick to find so many changers at 'peace' with the leeches in that dead land. We have much to fight in these lands.

Australia is one of the most cursed lands in existence. After we were suckered by the BSD's to destroy the Bunyip, we have sought to repair the damage we have done. We guard the land we ripped apart now. Yes, it is a shame they are all dead now, but we cannot dwell on their loss. We must drive on. Evil spirit walk the earth in Aussie. We will not fall before the minions of Jorgangundr nor the dead that walk there. The Red Talons have become valuable allies in Aussie. We have instituted somewhat of a return of the Impergium, with the help of the Red Talons. Only united can we stand before the worthless lesser tribes.

Europe is our tribal homeland. Even though our camp origination is in what the humans call, Greenland, our tribal homeland is the true home of the Fenrir. We have made powerful alliances with the Red Talons in northern Europe. Many of our camp are here. There are many of Jormangundr's minions in our homeland. We must fight them with everything we have. Northern Europe is our home, many call it Scandinavia. Right around the North Sea we have been powerful, but now the Red Talons have moved in on our territory. Urskalas may be in Greenland, but no one treads our land without permission. We have come to an easy alliance that the Talons do not touch our kin. If they do, they will not know what hit them.

North America
We have little representation in this land. Though we send many of our younger initiates here. None of our tribe may permanently become part of a Sept in North America. There is little need for us to be here, many of the other lesser tribes have power here, they are strong and we have no need to make our presence known. What we do know is Mexico City is a haven for all of Jormangundr's minions. We dare not make an assault on that city until we gain more allies. We are just gaining strength and there are other places that need our claws and teeth.

South America
What a lovely place for war. Golgol Fangs-First is one of the legendary Fenrir today. We would follow him to our deaths. Though he needs little of our abilities since all the tribes are represented there. We may have a handful of our members there. Pentex and Jormangundr are strong there, but we also refuse to kill the other breeds that exist. If they get in our way, they will perish.