"Listen wimps, this is your first lesson. Don't fuck with us. We will kill you. Second lesson...refer to the first."
-Magni "Stone-Breaker", Fostern Forseti, Homid

The Rise of Christianity...
The rise of Christianity had caused the norse deities to fall out of favor with the Vikings. This essentially caused a new beginning of belief for the norse society. Mjolnir's Thunder still hold the norse gods in revere as they did a thousand years ago. Thor hadn't fallen out of favor quite yet, but some things have happened that the Thunder have taken as the fall of Ragnarok is happening. Baldur is dead and Heimdall hasn't gotten killed yet. Many things can be assumed here, but the deities of the north still have the favor of a small gathering.

Mjolnir's Thunder is the most violent and destructive camp of all the Fenrir. They are warriors first and anything else second. They are simply, pure killing machines. They have been born and bred unknowingly to fight the Wyrm in all its forms. Nearly all modern members of the camp are descendants from the first ones initiated into its violents ways. The Thunderers are not much for caern positions, except as guardians or as wyrmfoe. They are overall, angry, nasty, and filled with rage beyond any normal garou.

The warriors of the Thunder are beyond equal and in some cases, legendary. Because the Thunder has caused so much damage to Jorgangundr and its minions; their names are hidden, even from our own camp. Jorgangundr would surely send out its assassins to slay any Thunderer who becomes known. Essentially, any warrior of Mjolnir's Thunder is a tac-nuke on legs. The Modi are fearsome, even beyond the great nobility of the Silver Fangs. The Skalds howl the battles about the garou who fight impossible odds and return, with trophies in their claws. The Forseti are always powerful in this camp, having to control the tempers of all the warriors and keep the Litany from being broken, near impossibility. The Godi are truly one of the key elements in the battle against the Wyrm. They craft fetishes and summon the aide of spirits. The Rotagars are very nasty. We are Get, but there is only one rule in war and that is the only the strong survive. They have a good habit of striking the enemy from behind. Honor is only as great as your opponents. These garou are the elite in the war against the Wyrm. Do not tempt their anger or rage. They will hurt, maim, and even kill you.

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