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Shiatsu is a therapy originating in Japan with the same roots as Acupuncture, but instead of using needles, the energy of the person is influenced through finger pressure, manipulation, stretching and movement. The principle behind all forms of Shiatsu is to strengthen the client's innate ability to fight disease and to adapt to life stresses by balancing the 'flow of energy' in the meridians. In terms that might make more sense to the Western mind, this means that Shiatsu is helping the body to adjust to the changes in life by making sure that all its different capacities are available and that the different systems in the body communicate and collaborate effectively. For more about the theory of Shiatsu see the links pages especially the Complementary Therapy Browser and the Cyberspace Clinic


What Shiatsu does for you: By bringing the body's energy into balance Shiatsu intends to bring about a resolution of your complaints whether they are physical or emotional. Put simply your symptoms reduce then disappear. This happens over a number of sessions and requires some effort on you part . To strike a balance ,I try to work with the pain and other symptoms directly as well so you leave feeling a sense of well -being and relief.

 What happens in a session: A treatment session lasts about one hour. You come wearing loose comfortable clothing and lie down on a comfortable mat on the floor In a shiatsu session I massage, apply pressure with thumbs, fingertips palms, elbows, knees, and feet. I will stretch you along the meridian lines ,gently rotate and manipulate your joints, hold specific pressure points. We'll finish with a series of adjustments. It's a whole body treatment and most people feel a deep sense of relaxation and relief during a session. It's also very energising. You can expect a very good night's sleep and improved body function after a Shiatsu treatment. You'll feel great !

at the end of a session we'll assess what's happened and you'll receive feedback and perhaps homework consisting of simple exercise to support the process We'll discuss whether you want to continue and outline a plan . In my experience it takes at 6-10 regular sessions to get a result that is lasting. Having said that ,a session on its own is a rewarding experience

What its good for: Shiatsu helps a wide range of problems. Stress, stiff muscles, sore shoulders, IBS, immune system problems, sciatica and other low back pain, neck pain, dance injury, most types of chronic pain: just about any condition that can be helped by osteopathy, acupuncture physiotherapy, or massage can be helped with shiatsu. In cases of serious illness shiatsu relieves pain, and helps maintain muscle tone as well as restoring normal bodily functions. 


INTENSIVE WORK ON A ONE TO ONE BASIS I do intensive work with individual clients in a number of sessions over a relatively short period of time pinpointing specific goals leading to the whole picture, working with and referring to the appropriate specialist where necessary. I find when injury, pain, or emotional blockage impedes the way you want to live, then a concentrated approach works best. I also have many clients who find that regular ongoing sessions are an essential part of their personal stress management program.

I work with a team that includes a Medical Doctor, acupuncturist/osteopath, yoga therapists, bio resonance specialists and other highly skilled oriental, conventional and holistic physicians & therapists. I like to see myself as an holistic matchmaker helping to enable, facilitate and advise clients through the entire process.



HOME VISITS Treatment at your home, office, studio, rehearsal space, theatre is always possible. Please ask.



WORKSHOPS I offer 1 & 2 day workshops in London and in Germany and Switzerland (the program can be presented in German) designed to give a practical understanding of Healing Through Shiatsu. Suitable for absolute beginners up to practitioner level. The emphasis on accessing your own body wisdom, acquiring good basic skills (you'll be able to give a good basic shiatsu massage with confidence!), and fun! The basic program can be adapted for your groups needs. One to one and small group tuition is available on request. For the latest information see the update

IMAGINAL THERAPY Some words about pain. It affects not the body, but also the mind and spirit. After a short period of time this pain restricts movement and impedes natural healing, and what remains in the muscles is a memory of pain. Through shiatsu I provide pain relief to allow you to remember what it is like to be and move without that pain, and this restores a sense of hope as you start to see your life as defined. I work with a system of therapeutic visualisation called Imaginal Therapy ( It's effective in helping you change how you see yourself in your present situation, and change toward a direction you want. It's particularly effective in pain relief and in helping to cope with the fear and anxiety that often accompanies serious illness. In combination with auricular acupuncture, the benefits are enhanced. We periodically offer workshops in London for health professionals and for the general public. 


Auricular Acupuncture: NADA protocol

I practice a method of ear acupuncture that was originally developed to treat substance abuse. In that context it has proven extremely effective in the United States, Britain and elsewhere, both for detoxification and in helping people to stay clean. Research has shown that it is also an incredible stress reliever, and a powerful support for the immune system. The NADA protocol is helpful in many instances with pain relief, eating disorders, stage nerves/stage fright. The treatment balances all the bodies systems.

What you feel during a session is an easing into a state of profound yet alert relaxation. Because we use a limited number of points and one is seated, the NADA Protocol lends itself to group treatment. Because the stress relief is general, one can offer auricular acupuncture in a corporate or educational setting without any embarrassing disclosure about drug, alcohol or food issues. I offer programs to individuals or groups who want to address substance misuse personally or within a work setting. That can range from consultation on treatment options, development of a program, referral to the appropriate specialists in the public or private sectors or supportive treatments for people already in recovery. One way of looking at substance misuse is that one uses drugs/alcohol to either generate good feelings or to avoid unpleasant ones. Shiatsu, auricular acupuncture and Imaginal therapy give you an experience of great well -being without drugs, which opens possibilities...about new ways of being with yourself.







Sufi Healing Practices
Sufi healing practices: This covers a number of therapies, including tradition eastern aromatherapy (based on fragrances called "attars"), and traditional cupping - which is practised in both traditional Chinese and Islamic medicine. I find it particularly effective with dancers & athletes who need fast relief from muscular aches & pains.(for a detailed description of Eastern aromatherapy and cupping go to especially the Unani pages). Other aspects of Sufi healing work are best discussed in personal consultation.

We have resumed the Healing Ritual as given by Inayat Khan in London shortly. Inayat Khan was a Sufi master who brought Sufism to the west in 1910. The aim is to send healing energy to people who are ill who want to receive this form of prayer/energy. The one condition is that the person whose name is on the list has asked for this form of support.
If you or someone you know would like to be on the list, please email me-it's useful to know what ailment because the list is limited to 10 at any one time. It is also possible to attend & participate by arrangement. The practice generally lasts 1 to 1 1/2 hours and consists of breathing and chanting, followed by the healing ritual itself which is a structured meditation that focuses and sends the energy of the group to those on the list. There are no guarantees , but there have been amazing results in the past from this concentration. Please feel free to write with any questions.