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ismail mazzara  

healing through shiatsu


These are sites that I believe will give useful information about the therapies I offer and much more.









Please contact me: with any sites you think I should include.

 Holistic Links
Ismail Mazzara German Website
East West Herbs,Neal's Yard, Covent Garden- My # 1 resource in London for Oriental Medicine. Walk-in consultation by qualified practitioners, full range of products for practitioners and the lay person. Clinic. My home from home in London. They carry the full Attar Bazaar essential oil range and much more. ddgs (Their website is temporarily down the telephone number 0207-379-1312)
Attar Bazaar/Chishti Company/Unani Medicine
CyberSpace Health Clinic Home / A London referral service to find holistic practitioners
Faran Center NYC; Dr. Francis Clifton -My friend and mentor of 15 years. site about The NADA Protocol and its many applications. As time goes by I get more and amazed at what this protocol is able to achieve and the quality of practitioner it attracts
Bethpage Health &Relaxation Center- My hometown wholistic clinic &shop; where I go to relax when I'm home. Tell Robert and Paulette I sent you and get the London discount.
Shiatsu Society Bill Palmer's site that offers a directory of therapists, a therapy encyclopaedia, and a free program that helps you select the therapy that's right for you. Some very interesting articles about movement and the meridians, as well as Laban's work.
Dance Links
London Contemporary Dance School (The Place Theatre)
Dance Europe Magazine
Bettina Carpi- contemporary dancer based in London and my main squeeze
Bettina's new site-Under construction
Out on a Limb Dance Company -Gitta Wigro's latest project (not bad for a kid from Dormagen).
Moving East-Paul Douglas -contemporary dance, aikido, and a nascent wholistic clinic
Sufi Links
Uncle Saul- Everybody's best friend: healer, teacher, carpet dealer. Coming to live from Charlottesville, Virginia.
The Petama Project -beautiful spiritual site from Switzerland.
David Woolf Memorial Website: Our David died tragically August 15,1999-He was a magical guy, sometimes I still think he's just visiting his girlfriend in Holland and he'll be back next month
Deep Duck Management- My friend Gerte Angela 's music management firm .You would never believe someone so beautiful would be sooo sweet or so talented!
Ashley Slater's Big Lounge-The bald guy from Freakpower
Herbie Treehead-one of the sweetest, funniest men I know, Covent Garden Busker and a Children's Entertainer par
Merlin Shepherd -Klezmer Music soul stirring would be an understatement
Rex Boyd-Covent Garden performer juggler, dancer, comedian. Ya want positivity, call Rex
Rikke old pal and crackerjack web designer
JKD Complete design shop
Sicilian Net -Everything you always wanted to know about the Island
Rita Ray imports the finest cocoa butter from Tema, Ghana.It's pure white chocolate without the sugar and milk. Feels so nice and great when yer in love.The best way to get that chocolate fix family-run fair trade coop.
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