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The Prairie ecozone is greatly affected by human activities. The oil, gas and mineral industries are prominent in the area. Mineral and fossil fuels generate $15 billion every year in this area. These industries also have a third of the total employed people in this sector. Mining is very important in the Prairie ecozone. Mining in this area accounts for 46% of Canada's total mineral activity. Although, the Prairies are known for their great farming lands, there are not a lot of farmers today. In 1936, half of the population in the area were farmers. Today, only ten percent of the population are farmers. This is because of urbanization. Most of the ecozone is now being urbanized. Some large cities in the ecozone are Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton. There are approximately 3.8 million people living in these urban areas. Human economic activities in the Prairie ecozone has help it have a Gross Domestic Product of $91 billion in 1991. This represents 15% of Canada's total Gross Domestic Product. The Prairie ecozone is an essential part to Canada's economy.

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