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An inteligent article!!!
The Web Site has done something nice and written about something intelligent! read it here!

We Have Made Contact
It's official! The Ganician has been discovered, we don't quite know what it all means yet but Web Site officials are hard at work at work, check out this story in our news section!

The Web Site Says,
People ask me what it is like to be a web site... it's ok, I mean, I don't have a pulse a penis or any real chance of having much fun... However, I do look at the bright side and there is alot of it... because I am just code I really can just say what's on my mind and not worry much about consequences. I am not real, I am just code, and im not even real code, I am just a reference to code that has already been written... it's kinda pathetic I guess...

Now and In Stereo!
If you like phish there is a live phish cast going on at all times, just click here to listen to streaming full phish shows anytime!

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